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Nick's Fall Favorites

Tue, Aug 29, 23
As the crisp autumn breeze sets in and leaves begin to turn, it's time to embrace the flavors and spirits that define the fall season. Whether you're a connoisseur seeking new flavors or a casual enthusiast looking for seasonal inspiration, these fall favorites hand-selected by Nick Pascale himself, will elevate your fall celebrations!

Nick’s Picks: Top Fall Liquors & Ciders to Try


1911 Established Cider & Whiskey

1911 Candy Corn Hard Cider
Venture into the haunted orchard and embrace their spookiest flavor yet with 1911 Candy Corn Hard Cider.
1911 x NYS Fair: Sweet Apple
With its limited release, this refreshing cider showcases the essence of crisp, sweet apples, making it a must-try for any cider enthusiast.
1911 Cider Donut
Immerse yourself in the taste of a "perfect fall" treat with 1911 Cider Donut Hard Cider. Blended with brown sugar and spices, this cider evokes warm, toasty flavors that perfectly complement autumn's charm.

Southern Tier Distilling Company Pumking Whiskey

Pumking Whiskey, an Innovation Award-winning spirit, takes inspiration from Southern Tier's famed Pumking beers. This spirited whiskey boasts enticing aromas of pie spice, buttery cream, and pie crust, delivering a harmonious blend of sweetness and mild whiskey notes.

Bird Dog Pumpkin Spice Flavored Whiskey

Perfect for autumn gatherings, Bird Dog Pumpkin Spice Whiskey offers a flawlessly balanced blend of sweetness and spice. With warm flavors of cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove harmonizing with the boldness of whiskey, this delightful spirit is an irresistible seasonal indulgence.

View our Pumpkin Spice Hot Chocolate recipe!

Fulton's Harvest Pumpkin Pie Cream Liqueur

Indulge in the comforting flavors of autumn with Fulton's Harvest Pumpkin Pie Cream Liqueur. Crafted with a blend of pumpkin, brown sugar, and nutmeg, this creamy liqueur evokes memories of homemade pumpkin pie, making it the ultimate treat for cozy fall evenings.

View our Pumpkin-tini recipe!

Rattlesnake Rosie's Apple Pie Flavored Whiskey

Embrace the goodness of fresh apple pie with Rattlesnake Rosie's "Forbidden Apple Pie" whiskey. This award-winning creation blends Iron Smoke Distillery's artisan handcrafted corn whiskey with upstate New York apple cider, cinnamon, vanilla, and brown sugar, resulting in a smooth and delicious concoction.

Smirnoff Kissed Caramel Flavored Vodka

For those with a penchant for sweet indulgence, Smirnoff Kissed Caramel is the perfect choice. This vodka infused with the flavors of caramel, a touch of salt, and a dash of indulgence adds a delightful twist to any fall-inspired cocktail.

View our Smirnoff Kissed Caramel Apple Cider recipe!

Crop Harvest Earth Organic Spiced Pumpkin Flavored Vodka

Revel in the warm and comforting scents of cinnamon, roasted pumpkin, nutmeg, vanilla, and allspice with Crop Harvest Earth’s Organic Spiced Pumpkin Vodka. This seasonal offering from Crop Harvest Earth offers a clean and pure taste, thanks to its use of certified organic grain cultivated in fertile soil, free from artificial fertilizers and chemicals.

Crown Royal Regal Apple Whiskey

To create this extraordinary blend, Crown Royal whiskies are hand selected and infused with Regal Gala Apple flavors. The result is a perfectly balanced Crown Royal Regal Apple Canadian Whisky with notes of crisp apple flavor.

Fall Flavors and Their Perfect Pairings

As the weather shifts and the air becomes crisper, we seek the warming spice notes that define this enchanting time of year. Full bodied desserts take center stage with fall beverages:

Fall Events and Hosting Themes

Fall is a time of joyous celebration and hosting memorable gatherings. With our selection of top fall liquors, you have the perfect foundation to create delightful cocktails and host unforgettable events. Here are a few fall-themed event ideas to inspire your seasonal festivities:

  1. Taste of Fall Event: Host a "Taste of Fall" event where guests can sample various fall-inspired foods and desserts alongside cocktails featuring our above suggestions. Set up tasting stations with pumpkin and apple themed displays… and apple bobbing!
  2. DIY Cocktail Night: Plan a DIY cocktail night, inviting friends to gather and experiment with our cocktail recipes. Pick up printed copies of cocktail recipes featuring the above products  available in-store near our cash registers! In addition to our recipes, encourage everyone to get creative and mix their own signature fall cocktails. Encourage guests to take notes and vote for their favorite fall concoctions at the end.

Party Planning Essentials for Fall

To complement your fall-themed cocktails, it's essential to consider the accompanying party essentials that will enhance the overall ambiance and guest experience:

  1. Fall-Themed Food Pairings: Serve an array of autumn-inspired appetizers and small bites to complement the flavors of the showcased liquors. If you’re mixing our suggested cocktails, we’ve conveniently added perfect food pairings alongside each one. Otherwise, consider options like mini apple and brie tartlets, butternut squash sliders, or maple-glazed bacon-wrapped dates. Incorporate seasonal ingredients like pumpkin, apples, and cranberries for a truly festive touch.
  2. Fall-Inspired Playlists: Curate a captivating playlist that embodies the essence of fall. Include artists like Iron & Wine, Bon Iver, Norah Jones, Fleet Foxes, Sufjan Stevens, and Billie Holiday. Their folk, acoustic, jazz, and indie tunes evoke feelings of warmth, coziness, and nostalgia. Let their melodies transport you to a world where the crisp autumn air and vibrant colors come alive. Immerse yourself in this musical journey that perfectly captures the beauty of the season.


We hope this article sparks your curiosity to explore the upcoming fall flavors. From the rich and toasty notes of 1911 Cider Donut to the warm spices of Bird Dog Whiskey Pumpkin Spice Flavored Whiskey, these fall-inspired ciders and liquors offer a delightful spectrum of tastes. Whether you're planning a gathering or enjoying a cozy evening at home, these liquors provide the canvas for unforgettable experiences.

To learn more about our fall selection and the wide range of wines and liquors we carry, stop by in-store today at 7401 Oswego Rd, Liverpool, NY 13090 where Nick and our knowledgeable staff members are ready to assist you in finding the perfect drink for any occasion! Remember to drink responsibly and savor these delights in moderation.
By Alden Morris