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Meet The Pascale's Staff!

Nick Pascale

"The Spirit Explorer"
Starting as a shelf-stocker and cashier at Pascale's Wine & Liquors in 2013, Nick Pascale's journey to General Manager is a story of passion and dedication. His early love for wine evolved into a broad interest in spirits, especially tequila, agave, and bourbon, reflecting his commitment to exploring the depths of the industry. Nick's approachability and enthusiasm for sharing stories make him a favorite among customers. He possesses a keen ability to guide patrons through an extensive selection, ensuring everyone leaves with a bottle that suits their taste and occasion. His current adoration for Old Forester 1910 Bourbon exemplifies his appreciation for quality and craftsmanship, while his affinity for bubbles, especially for celebrations, showcases his versatility.
Nick's proficiency in creating Pisco Sours not only highlights his mixological talents but also his inclination to enjoy and share classic cocktails with a twist.


"The Culinary Spirit Guide"
With a background in the culinary arts, Damien's shift to the wine and spirits industry as Assistant Manager at Pascale's has been marked by a seamless transition of his taste-driven expertise. His role involves a myriad of responsibilities, from maintaining the store's high standards to assisting customers with informed and enthusiastic recommendations. Damien's favorite pick, Caballito Cerrero Azul, reflects his appreciation for agave spirits' rich complexity. His advocacy for Rochelt Tyrolean Fruit Brandy underlines his appreciation for artisanal products and the stories behind them.
Damien's excitement in sharing and exploring new drink recipes, like the Spanish Daisy, showcases his commitment to enhancing customers' experiences with innovative and refreshing cocktails.


"The Bourbon Buff"
Adam's enthusiasm for bourbon and tequila has flourished during his tenure as a Supervisor/Sales Associate at Pascale's. With nearly three years under his belt, he has developed a keen eye for unique and high-quality spirits. His current interest in cordials, liqueurs, and Spanish wines reflects a broader curiosity and desire to explore all facets of the liquor world.
Adam's evolving recommendations are a direct result of his personal mission to taste every new bourbon and tequila that comes into the store, a quest that has made him a go-to resource for customers seeking the latest and greatest in the world of spirits.


"The Explorer of Spirits"
After a 15-year tenure as a chef in Seattle, Tony's passion for bourbon enticed him into the spirited world of Pascale , where he now spends his days immersed in the very environment he used to explore on his days off. Celebrating his first year anniversary in April as a retail associate, Tony has quickly become a cornerstone of the store, blending his culinary expertise with a newfound dedication to tequila, bourbons, and, more recently, wines. Tony's current favorite, Wild Common Still Strength tequila, showcases his appreciation for distilleries committed to purity and craftsmanship. Meanwhile, his recommendations, such as Cazcanes Añejo and Cascahuín Tahona Blanco, reflect his deep dive into the complex world of agave spirits.
Tony's transition into the liquor industry hasn't dulled his culinary edge; it's enhanced it. His signature New York Whiskey Sour, which incorporates Basil Hayden Red Wine Cask Finish, is a testament to his ability to marry his culinary background with his passion for spirits.